Rustic Sheds

Rustic Summerhouse

The summer house comes complete with two front windows and a double window in the side.

Scalloped facias and window trims and a 3'veranda.

The Rustic version can come in Forest Green if preferred.

Rustic Chalet

Transform your garden from the ordinary with the attractive Rustic Chalet, a picturesque addition to any garden , large or small.
The chalet is also available in the Premier range.

It come complete with three windows, an extended roof, scalloped facias and window trims.

Standard Rustic

A very competitively priced range of garden sheds made from native timber.
The Rustic is with out doubt in our opinion a far stronger and durable building than any other in the same price range.
With more sheeting in the sides and ends you get more cover and protection from the wind.

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